At-Home Facial: Plan a Date With Your Face At Home!




Have sweeter words ever been spoken? 

It can cost hundreds of dollars to languish all day at a luxurious spa, a price that is anything but relaxing. But with some pampering at-home products, a few good tools and tricks, and the know-how to make it amazing, you can enjoy all of the benefits of a spa day for a fraction of the cost.

We’ll teach you how to perform an at-home facial, give you some DIY recipes, and recommend the products we use when we’re indulging in self-care at home.

When you can’t visit an esthetician, an at-home facial is a must-do for personal pampering. You don’t need fancy steamers or the perfect touch; follow these steps below for gorgeous, glowing skin right in your own bathroom:


Step 1: Set the Mood




Create some *ambiance* for yourself! Candles, soft lighting, and soothing music all work to create a relaxing vibe for you and your skin. Settle in with soft pajamas or whatever feels good to wear for an afternoon or evening of pampering. Use aromatherapy if that’s your thing - we love eucalyptus for energy and lavender to relax.


Step 2: Clean up nice (twice!)




A double cleanse is the first step in your facial - you want to start with a clean, fresh slate before you apply any other products to your face. Start with an oil-based cleanser that removes all traces of makeup and dead skin cells without stripping your skin. Wash that off with a soft cloth and follow with a cream or gel, water-based cleanser, massaging it into all parts of the skin before rinsing well with water.


Step 3: Smooth Moves




Exfoliation is the next step after cleansing, and it’s super important to create a clean palette of soft, smooth skin. Physical exfoliants (like scrubs) and chemical exfoliants (like Alpha Hydroxy Acids or Glycolics) are both great options to remove the excess oils and dead skin cells on the top layer of your face. Doing so helps the ingredients you put on after to penetrate effectively so you get the most out of your products


Step 4: Throw a Mask-erade




Face masks aren’t just a means to relax - after exfoliation, they infuse the skin with all of the good nutrition that your skincare products provide, giving an intense treatment for your face. Choose a mask targeted to your skin type - dry skin would plump and smooth with hyaluronic acid and vitamin B, for example. To combat fine lines and wrinkles, use a mask with peptides and antioxidants; acne-prone skin will respond well to a sulfur mask or healing black mask. There are lots of things around the home that can be used to make masks as well!

Try this DIY recipe using ingredients you probably already have: Combine greek yogurt and half an avocado, add honey, and spread on your skin to replenish moisture - perfect for dry skin. Oatmeal can soothe redness, and lemon juice brightens the skin!


Step 5: Make it Steamy




Turn the hot water on in your shower with the door shut to mimic the steam that is used during a spa facial. You can also use an inexpensive humidifier, or, for an at-home, DIY hack, fill a bowl with hot water and place your face over it to let the steam soften your skin and open your pores. Place a towel over your head to hold the heat and moisture in. This, like exfoliation, will make the absorption of your other products more effective.


Step 6: Skin-happy Ending




Finish with moisturizer and a massage! Use your fingertips to gently massage your skin in circles with a cream, lotion, gel, or serum  (lotions and creams are more hydrating than gels). Take your time, moving in gentle circles to work in the product and promote lymphatic drainage.

Start at your chin and gently stroke outward, being careful to not rub the skin. Make soft circles radiating toward the edges of the face - make sure to get areas like nostrils and forehead.  When you’re done, your face should be hydrated, smooth, and glowing!


BelleCôte DIY At-Home Facial




Our estheticians recommend the following steps and products for a simple yet fantastic at-home facial. All it takes is 45 minutes to pamper yourself and fall in love with your skin!

  • Remove all makeup and cleanse the skin with our Marine Collagen Anti-Aging Cleanser.
  • Steam your face in a hot shower or hover over the steaming water with a clean towel to trap the heat. Steaming will release toxins from your skin, and loosens dirt and debris in your pores.
  • Once your face is nicely steamed, apply our Organic Seaweed Exfoliator with Alpha (AHA) and Beta (BHA) Hydroxy Acids to dissolve dead and damaged cells from your skin which will prepare it for the next step.
  • Apply an appropriate mask for your skin type for approximately 12-15 minutes, then remove it with a hot or warm compress. The steam from the compress will release enzymes and peptides into your skin. 
For NORMAL to Dry skin apply our Collagen Tightening Mask with Botox-like effect.
For DRY to MATURE skin apply DNA Caviar Regenerating Mask.
For SENSITIVE skin apply Triple Stem Cell Mask
For NORMAL to Oily/Combination skin apply Black Mud Nourishing Mask 
For more information about each mask, visit our HOME SPA section!
  • Spray Marine Collagen Anti-Aging Toner to bring back pH balance to your skin.
  • Apply an eye treatment, like our EyeTox Gel, around the eyes in a light circular motion from outer to inner corner and, here, you can do a relaxing eye massage to achieve a Botox-like effect.
  • Apply our Vitamin C-3 Serum to instantly boost your collagen and give your skin a lift followed by our Ultra Lifting Day Cream that will hydrate your skin and prepare for the day.
  • Don’t forget the Double Sun Protection Cream!

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