Dry Skin Therapy: Your Ideal Skincare Routine



Dry skin can be incredibly uncomfortable! Itchiness, tightness, and flaking, and uneven or rough texture are all side effects of dry skin, which is actually a category of skin type, not a specific skin problem (like dehydrated skin that can be quickly and easily remedied). Even if you’re born with dry skin, you can take care of it in a way that minimizes the downsides and maximizes the beauty and overall health of your skin, drastically alleviating any unwanted symptoms. The right skincare routine for your dry skin will mean tons of hydration for a happy, glowing complexion! Read on to know more about skincare for dry skin!


What is Dry Skin? 

Dry skin is a skin type that is notable for the lack of oil, or sebum, in the skin. It often presents as flaky and red, irritated, thin, peeling, and itchy. Some dry skin is very sensitive and easily irritated, and might show early signs of aging more than other skin types. It can be genetic, but it can also result from a poor skincare regimen or the application of unsuitable products. Luckily, a skincare regimen for dry skin can make a huge impact on your skin - read on to learn how to care for and improve dry skin!


What Causes Dry Skin? 

Dry skin can come from external and internal sources. Many people are born with dry skin - it’s often hereditary. Others develop it from environmental (external) factors like smoke, pollution, hard water, some medical conditions (like diabetes), and from washing too much or with products that strip the skin of its natural oils.


Do’s if you have dry skin:

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Choose alcohol-free products
  • Avoid harsh retinols
  • Limit acne medications with benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid
  • Consume more Omega-3’s
  • Use warm water to cleanse

Dont’s if your skin is dry:

  • Smoke cigarettes
  • Drink too much alcohol
  • Use products with harsh ingredients
  • Get chemical peels
  • Use too much fragrance
  • Take hot showers


Dry Skin Regimen


Pick a cleanser that is hydrating and gentle, to keep the oils on your skin intact. When your face is clean (don’t overwash!), use an alcohol-free toner that won’t dry the skin. Toner restores the pH of your skin, making it more able to combat against dryness.



Use serums to target any specific concerns you have for your skin, like acne, fine lines and wrinkles, or aging skin, that can be concurrent with dry skin. Look for products that include hyaluronic acid, peptides and vitamin B5 that hydrate dry skin and deal in moisture. Also marine collagen & elastin! They not only hydrate and nourish your skin but calm and oxygenate.



The best moisturizers keep all of the active ingredients in your serum locked in; plus, it provides even more water to your face, which dry skin so desperately needs. Always choose a cream or lotion made for dry facial skin. If you’re worried about acne or clogged pores, look for a product labeled as noncomedogenic. 



Always use SPF! Daily sunscreen protects you and your skin from cancer-causing UV rays. The sun can also dry the skin and cause premature aging, which dry skin is already more susceptible to. So, slather on the sunblock, and keep your skin fresh and young! Try to find a mineral sunblock with Marine Sun filters.


BelleCôte Esthetician advice:

Key is LAYERS!  In the morning use serum first, then moisturizer and in a few minutes put a few drops of oil all over your face to lock the moisture into your skin. Never use oil first! Oil has bigger molecules and won’t let serum and a moisturizer penetrate into your skin.


The Takeaway

Dry skin is a common skin type that can be genetic or can come from outside environmental factors. It’s characterized by flakiness, peeling, and tightness. Dry skin isn’t the same as dehydrated skin because the natural oils in dry skin are also depleted. This means you must feed moisture back into your skin through better hydration and sealing in natural oils. There are products that can treat the symptoms of dry skin and have added treatments for skin problems, like acne, that can occur at the same time as dry skin.


BelleCôte morning and night regimen for dry skin


Morning Skincare Routine:


Cleanse gently with Marine Collagen Anti-Aging Cleanser with peptides 

Tone with a fermented Marine Collagen Anti-Aging Toner 

Vitamin C-3 Serum 

Ultra Lifting Day Cream with Caviar Extract


Evening/ Night Skincare Routine:


Clean gently with Marine Collagen Anti-Aging Cleanser with peptides to remove all impurities 

Marine Collagen Anti-Aging Toner which is fermented and prepare your skin for the next step

PM Perfect with stabilized encapsulated Retinol

Ultra Nourishing Night Cream

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