Caviar Radiance Treatment - A RUNAWAY HIT

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For all skin types, especially for dry, tired and mature skin. Suitable for stressed and environmentally damaged skin. 
Scientifically advanced treatment combines precious Caviar Extract with a powerful complex of active ingredients. Caviar has a cell structure similar to human skin thus providing unparalleled nourishment and mineralization while delivering active ingredients on a cellular level.
  • slows down the process of aging considerably
  • helps produce better quality collagen and intensifies cell metabolism
  • repairs DNA damage, sun damage and reduces pigmentation
  • re-mineralizes and re-texturizes; replumping effect
  • nourishes with vitamins and fatty acids
  • immediately adds luminescent glow 
  • does not contain any preservatives

Active Ingredients: Caviar Extract, 72 Minerals and trace elements, Marine Peptides, Omega-3 fatty acids, SOD Enzyme Complex, Resveratrol, Phospholipids, Vitamins A, B, D and E, Amino-acids, Ginkgo Extract, Jojoba oil.


An all-immersing, quality anti-aging treatment using sturgeon caviar extracts as the main active ingredient of BelleCôte Caviar Radiance Treatment. This treatment is rich in nutritious elements such as proteins, minerals, vitamins and lipids, which all contain an abundance of polyunsaturated fatty acids. These skin firming ingredients have been put to the test and successfully proven to not only tighten and firm the skin, but also tone the muscles beneath, and reveal a leaner appearance. Caviar helps produce better quality collagen for the skin at an invigorated speed. The caviar extract itself provides moisturizing, replumping, nourishing, anti-aging, vitaminizing, re-texturizing, protective qualities—unmatched in its effectiveness to help reverse the aging process by operating on a cellular level.

It is vital to understand the mechanisms and moving parts involved in the sensation and triumph of the Caviar Radiance Treatment. Each moving part plays a crucial role. Superoxide dismutase or more commonly known as SOD, is a necessary ingredient to look for in anti-aging treatments—a super antioxidant that boosts our body’s ability to produce collagen and elastin, helping our skin look young and healthy. The caviar extract itself is harvested from the eggs of the sturgeon (Acipenser sturio), which measure approximately 2 to 2.5mm in diameter. The need to extract the essential ingredients in caviar is a complex and meticulous process handled by chemists and manufacturers, but is so key in the visible outcome of BelleCôte Caviar Radiance Treatment. Additional primary nutritional components of caviar extract contain complex carbohydrates such as glucose, fructose, sucrose, and glycogen.


BelleCôte Caviar Radiance Facial Protocol

1. Using a circular motion, apply our Marine Collagen Cleanser loaded with Marine Peptide and cleanse the skin.
2. Tone and refresh the skin with our fermented Marine Collagen Toner.
3. Reapply the Marine Collagen Cleanser with a few drops of any massage oil if needed (Grape Seed, Jojoba etc.) and massage the skin for 10-12 minutes under the steam. The steam will release marine peptides and enzymes from  the cleanser into the skin (that is why the steaming process is a quintessential part of this facial). Without removing the cleanser, add our Organic Seaweed Exfoliator (which contains Mandelic Acid to dissolve dead and damaged cells and Laminaria extract to brighten the skin) and continue to massage for 1-2 minutes in an upward circular motion. 
Gently remove everything from the skin with wet cotton pads or sponges.
4. Here you can do microdermabrasion, dermaplaning, acids, skin scrubber or any other machine or type of technique for deeper exfoliation. Or you can just skip this step.
5. If needed, provide a deep pore cleansing treatment.
If your client needs a more recovering and longer facial you can apply our DNA CAVIAR Regenerating Mask for 7-10 minutes.  
Take this time to massage the neck and shoulders for extra pampering. Then remove the mask with a warm or hot towel.
6. Apply our EyeTox Gel, and here you can do a relaxing eye massage to achieve a Botox-like effect (1-2 minutes). 
7. Apply a few drops of the Wrinkle Erasing Serum to the face and neck (Optional: can penetrate with skin scrubber or ultrasonic machine).
8. Apply Caviar Radiance peel-off mask (see instructions inside the box).
9. After removing the mask, our Ultra Lifting Day Cream or Day Light Moisturizer with Stem Cells and our Triple Firming Neck Cream.
10. Apply our Double Sun Protection Cream with Marine Peptide.
11. Adjust the facial protocol to your client’s skin type and sensitivity, make the decision what is right for your client.
12. Make sure your client goes home with the right home care products.

Our Pros strongly suggest to use only BelleCôte products during BelleCôte facials. Our cleanser, toner and exfoliator will prepare your client's skin to ideal condition for the treatment - all Marine enzymes, ferments and peptides work together in great synergy.  For the best results, we also recommend to use our  Wrinkle Erasing Serum with Botoxal underneath our treatments  - it is a highly concentrated product and will enhance the treatment results!

Proteins containing 17 amino acids. Vitamins A, D, B1, B2, and H, along with minerals and trace elements such as sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, sulfur add to the potent molecular structure of caviar extract, and no one ingredient is more important than the other. The combination of these ingredients is the magic formula which garners praise from industry experts and satisfied customers alike.

It is no revelation that BelleCôte Caviar Radiance Treatment is a runaway hit. While the carbohydrates moisturize the skin, proteins are providing nutrition, unsaturated lipids re-plump dry and aging skin, and lastly, vitamins and trace elements revitalize the skin—a bona fide team effort in improving the appearance of skin. In essence, BelleCôte Caviar Radiance Treatment is that gourmet meal, that exceptional culinary luxury for our skin.

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