BLANC et NOIR Facial Package

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BLACK and WHITE Facial Package

This multifaceted solution is the latest trend from France — using either the Black or White mask for different touch points on the face — at the same time. The two masks in this facial provide double nourishment and protection while they absorb, smooth and exfoliate simultaneously.  A unique combination of the Black and White Masks infuse the skin with powerful antioxidants, volcanic minerals, essential oils, amino acids and vitamins giving the skin a youthful glow. With Caviar Extract, Black Seed Oil, Volcanic Ashes and Activated Charcoal, this intensive treatment provides unparalleled hydration and purification for the entire face and extreme nourishment for neck and the delicate eye area.


- Exfoliates, Purifies and Nourishes at the same time
- Infuses the skin with essential fatty acids, minerals and vitamins giving the skin a youthful glow
- Essential Fatty Acids flash away toxins, extra dirt and pollution
- Provides Extreme Nourishment for the eye, lip and neck area with precious Caviar Extract
- Adjusts to any skin type
***With Activated Charcoal


Marine Collagen Anti-Aging Cleanser   120ml     

Marine Collagen Anti-Aging Toner        120ml       

Organic Seaweed Exfoliator                  200ml      

BLACK MUD Nourishing Mask              200ml     

DNA CAVIAR Regenerating Mask         200ml 


BLANC et NOIR Facial Protocol

1. Using a circular motion, apply our Marine Collagen Cleanser loaded with Marine Peptide and cleanse the skin.

2. Tone and refresh the skin with our fermented Marine Collagen Toner.

3. Reapply the Marine Collagen Cleanser with a few drops of any massage oil if needed (Grape Seed, Jojoba etc.) and massage the skin for 10-12 minutes under the steam. The steam will release marine peptides and enzymes from the cleanser into the skin (that is why the steaming process is a quintessential part of this facial). Without removing the cleanser, add our Organic Seaweed Exfoliator (which contains Mandelic Acid to dissolve dead and damaged cells and Laminaria extract to brighten the skin) and continue to massage for 1-2 minutes in an upward circular motion. Gently remove everything from the skin with wet cotton pads or sponges.

4. If needed, provide a deep pore cleansing treatment.

5. Here you have to decide which combination of the masks is the best for your client.

OPTION 1 - NORMAL TO DRY SKIN (Picture 1) Apply the Black mask using a brush over the entire face. Then, apply the White mask around the eyes, on the lips (use a Q-tip) and neck. 10-12 min.

OPTION 2 - NORMAL TO OILY SKIN (Picture 2) Apply the Black mask using a brush over the entire face and neck. The White mask goes around the eyes and lips only! (use a Q-tip). 10-12 min.

OPTION 3 - DRY AND MATURE SKIN (Picture 3) Apply the White mask all over the face, lips and neck, Then, apply the Black mask only on the T-zone (use a brush). 12-15 min.

After removing the masks with room temperature water (use a facecloth), apply our Ultra Lifting Day Cream or Day Light Moisturizer with Stem Cells and our Triple Firming Neck Cream.

If your client needs a more recovering and longer facial, you can apply the Black Mask all over the face first (except the eyes and lips) for 7-10 min, and after removing the mask with a warm facecloth, apply the White mask (7-10 min) for extra nourishment.Take this time to massage the neck and shoulders for extra pampering. Then remove the mask with a warm facecloth.

6. Apply our Double Sun Protection Cream with Marine Peptide.

7. Adjust the facial protocol to your client’s skin type and sensitivity, make a decision what is right for your client.

8. Make sure your client goes home with the right home care products.  

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