Rosacea Duo - Drying Lotion - Acne Spot Treatment


BelleCôte 2-step “Rosacea Duo” is a Drying Lotion + Azelaic Toner - great solution for rosacea and rosacea acne.

Formulated with natural clay minerals, camphor, zinc, Azelaic and Salicylic acids, this duo is safe and gentle to use. With powerful antibacterial and healing properties it will reduce redness, irritation and heal rosacea breakouts virtually overnight. 
The Drying Lotion is a miraculous overnight acting acne and rosacea acne spot treatment for drying and healing pimples and blemishes. This creamy, pink clay-based formula uses sulfur to help reduce redness and swelling, calamine and zinc for healing the skin, camphor to cool and soothe, and the powerful antibacterial chloroxylenol. Safe and effective for all skin types.

Azelaic Toner is a liquid skin toner with Azelaic Acid that exfoliates and reduces oiliness while helping to discourage the formation of blackheads and pimples. Shrinks large pores immediately. Reduces redness on irritated skin. Recommended for oily and acne/rosacea/problem skin.  Key ingredients include Azelaic Acid in an alcohol base for disinfecting, exfoliating and lightening; Salicylic Acid for clearing and exfoliating; and Allantoin for it's soothing and cell regenerating properties.


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