HOW TO HELP DRY, IRRITATED, FLAKY SKIN? After reading an array of winter skin care stories, you combined the best advice on how to combat seasonal dryness: avoiding hot showers, living under a “fur coat” of lip balm, and slathering on moisturizers by the hour. But there is still a dilemma. Your skin is still dry, irritated, and flaky. Right? Recent research has shown that marine biotechnology dramarically reduces dryness and promotes skin regeneration in cold climates. A new anti-aging line from France with organic seaweed and marine peptides has it all. 

Trust BelleCôte Winter Kit - it is the best solution to harsh and unrelenting cold weather. 

Want it fast and simple, try BelleCôte Ultra Lifting Day Cream which combines powerful bioactive elements. In a flash, firmness improves, pores become less visible, moisture and radiance are fully restored.

When the furnace is on, wear a night cream. BelleCôte Ultra Nourishing Night Cream protects against damaging effects, and it smells delicious! This cream re-energizes the skin during the night, providing dameged cells with the necessary energy and prepares them for the cell regeneration phase. 

And do not forget about your neck, which suffers most from indoor heat -

BelleCôteTriple Firming Neck Cream with rere sea algae instantly and visibly firms the skin around the neck and décolleté.

Also, keep in mind, winter facials are obligatory! BelleCôte Caviar Radiance and Triple Collagen with Botoxal Facials are a complete package. 

BelleCôte Paris is a highly potent skincare line and has a remarkable ability to reverse the signs of aging, leading to a splurge in inner-balance and elevated mood.

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