How to Get Clear Skin - Tips & Tricks for Gorgeous Holiday Skin

Get Clear Skin for Holiday

Cozy fires, bright lights, and warm gatherings with friends and family - it’s almost time for the holidays and we’re here for it! 


Clear, radiant skin is the perfect accessory for parties, but between the travel and cheer - not to mention all the rich food, drinks, and festivities - you might be ready for a refresher. At BelleCôte Paris, our Marine Collagen Anti-aging Toner is a holy grail product you would not want to miss out on, this season.


How To Get Clear Skin at Home

Breakoutsdull skin, and dark circles don’t have to be part of the season, though; there are ways to combat the blahs and leave your complexion radiant. Get ready for gift-giving, loved ones, and all the fabulous photos - BelleCôte is here to give you the best tips and tricks to show you how to get clear skin for the holidays - fast!




Moisturize your skin

According to study conducted in 2008, the blustery wind, dry weather, and indoor heating, your skin loses a ton of moisture during the winter. Adding to these elements, the fact that traveling is almost universal at some point during the holiday season, and your face might be showing some wear and tear at the time when you want to shine the brightest. Make sure your skin is well-prepped with rich, hydrating moisturizers that counteract the wintery effects of the environment.

Look for products made of marine collagen, peptides, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and essential oils like manoï, apricot kernel oil, and jojoba. These components are perfect for calming irritated skin and moisturizing dry and dull complexions.

This brings us to our next tip…


Choose the Right Ingredients


The kinds of ingredients in your products can make a huge difference in the hydration and clarity of your skin. Ingredients that are specialize in treating dry skin, like hyaluronic acid (which can hold 400 times its weight in water), provide the hydration your skin needs to overcome the drying elements. Gels, liquids, and serums are generally more hydrating than their counterparts. BelleCôte's Vitman-C3 Serum is hydrating. Swap stains and creams for powdery formulas - powders dry the skin as they absorb oils and moisture, so choosing a cream formula will sap less moisture, and often even add more.

Collagen is another beneficial ingredient to target - it supports the tissues and elastic fibers in your skin, so boosting it is a great idea. Retinol can help to increase collagen production in your skin and act as an exfoliant.

Caviar and peptides nourish the skin, and vitamins C & E are all excellent compounds to take your complexion from dull to radiant by boosting cell turnover, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and unclogging pores. Mandelic and ferulic acids, powerful antioxidants, dissolve dead skin cells and surface debris and let the skin breathe. 




 Exfoliate your face


Manual and chemical exfoliants go a long way to improving the texture and feel of the skin, and to slough off the remnants of a day’s worth of party prep, travel, makeup, and more. Exfoliants treat the surface layer of the skin, bringing hydrating benefits like the priming of the skin for better absorption - plus, they don’t need any recovery time like a chemical peel. Look for an exfoliator with a blend of acids - the one we recommend has three types - mandelic, salicylic, and lactic - bringing a strong anti-aging effect to your daily regimen. 


Banish Blemishes


 banish breakouts


We often wear more or different makeup for a glam look during the holidays, but it can take a toll on your skin. If you need to clear a pimple fast at home, some products can work overnight to banish breakouts.

A good spot remover is your BFF - our favorite (yes, we swear by it!) is BelleCôte Drying Lotion, a sulfur-based spot treatment that is nothing short of magical. Don’t try to conceal a new blemish with foundation; instead, steam your skin in the shower, exfoliate, then recover with a nourishing mask. We’re obsessed with our DNA Caviar Regenerating mask - it brings even more luxe to the season. For oilier skin, younger, and more acne-prone complexions, Azelaic Toner can help clear excess oil quickly.


BelleCôte Esthetician’s Tip: Whether we like it or not, makeup damages and dries our skin. A layer of caviar cream protects your skin, and at the same time creates a perfect base for foundation. The phospholipids in caviar extract will make your skin glow and your complexion shine. Try our Ultra Lifting Day Cream and check out the effect for yourself!


Go Gluten-Free


 use gluten free products


Holiday eating can vary drastically from your normal routine, and your body knows it! Rich foods, extra indulgences, and a whole lot of gluten can leave you feeling bloated and uncomfortable. In sensitive individuals, gluten can affect the gut, altering its integrity and allowing toxins to circulate in what should be a closed system.

People with sensitivities trigger an immune response when they eat too much gluten, which can result in acne. It also causes the release of insulin, which can in turn cause breakouts as it changes hormone levels in the blood. Our advice? Go easy on the gluten at least two or three weeks before the holiday season. 


Travel Smart



travel smart


Airplanes wreak havoc on the skin, and it’s hard to not feel dry and tight after long drives and flights. Try buying travel versions of your favorite products, so you can easily bring your skincare regime along for the ride. Nourishing recovery masks are a great tool to throw in your bag, too - plus, it’s fun to pamper yourself when you’re away.

Try this travel-saving tip to get clear skin this year: De-stress and rehydrate with our Hydrating Mist, then boost your skin’s resilience with 60% pure, organic vitamin C and one of our serums - the botox-like effect will have you arriving at your destination fresh and ready to celebrate! 


BelleCôte Regimen to Get Clear Skin


Bellecote regimen to get clear skin fast

  1. Gently wash with Marine Collagen Cleanser
  2. Follow with Marine Collagen Anti-Aging Toner
  3. Apply Vitamin C-3 serum to boost collagen and hydration 
  4. Smooth on Ultra Lifting Day Cream with black caviar extract, wild yam, and evening primrose oil - it boosts cellular turnover and is the key to surviving travel and climate changes
  5. Twice a week, use our DNA Caviar Regenerating Mask for 10 minutes - it transforms tired into glowing and gorgeous!


It’s past time for some cheer and the holidays are going to be amazing this year - plus, now you know how to get clear skin fast for the holiday season! Remember to hydrate, inside and out. Use products with premium-targeted ingredients like hyaluronic acid, and don’t neglect your beauty regimen when you’re traveling. Pack small-size products to fit easily in your bag and to pass through TSA easily, and don’t forget to bring a mask or mud to pamper, or relax and wind down. Lastly, watch what you eat if you have sensitivities, and pamper your skin whenever you get the chance!

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