Grooming for Guys: A Guide for Men’s Skincare



You don’t have to be feminine to take care of your face!


In the past, men were either born with good skin or they suffered. Now, people admire a well-groomed guy who looks attractive and put-together. When you pay attention to the health of your skin, it signals to other men and women that you’re mature, consistent, and detail-oriented. Plus, men who take care of themselves are head and shoulders above those who don’t even try - they take what they’re given and make sure it’s at its best, and the effort is evident to all.


Read on for Bellecôte’s advice for men on how to start a skincare regimen, what’s in the best products, the skincare practices that provide the most bang for your buck, the newest trends in men’s skincare, and tips and tricks to enhance what your mama gave you!


Determine your skin type




A lot of men have probably never really thought about their skin in terms of type, but there are actually five main types of skin as defined by the American Academy of Dermatology Association: normal, dry, oily, sensitive, and combination; there is also aging skin, rosacea-affected skin, and acne to add to the equation. 


You probably have an inkling of your type if you give your past experience a mental and physical review. Identifying your skin type and looking for products tailored to your skin is the first step in your journey toward better selfcare:


  • Has your skin always been your best feature, without any blemishes or effort on your part? Can you use most products without any reaction? Your skin is normal - one of the lucky few! Despite your good genetics, you should still take special care of your naturally handsome feature - if you look good now, imagine what your face will look like with a little TLC!


    • Is your skin always dry, flaky, and itchy? Does the texture feel rough or uneven? You probably have dry skin, lacking in the natural oils that make it supple, smooth, and elastic. Check below for ingredients to look for in your skincare products


    • Does your skin look and feel oily or greasy, with blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, or cysts? Do you always appear shiny? You might have oily and/or acne-prone skin, which is fortunately often treatable with the right formulas.


    • Sensitive skin is most easily diagnosed by noting your reactions to products on your skin. If regular formulas burn or sting your skin, this is your skin type (likely along with another - see combination skin below).


    • To evaluate whether your skin is aging, check for fine lines and wrinkles. Scientific breakthroughs in skincare mean you can do amazing things for your appearance, taking years off your face. 


    • Look for dry, itchy, scaly, or red patches to identify eczema, and a mix of any of the types described above for combination skin.


    Decide which ingredients are right for you




    Once you know your skin type, it’s easy to narrow down which ingredients and products will be the best choices for treating and maintaining any problem areas with your skin. 


    Acne: Your skin needs antibacterial and antimicrobial treatments from powerful ingredients like salicylic acid and azelaic acid.

    Eczema: Your skin needs to be well-moisturized and lubricated.

    Aging: Your skin could use a boost of collagen, which slows in production as you age.

    Dehydrated: Your skin needs moisture from water, so hyaluronic acid is a great place to start - it stores many times its weight in water and can heal dehydrated skin fast.

    Sun Damage: You absolutely need to wear sunscreen - no excuses. Fortunately many products exist that contain a light sunscreen built into a daily moisturizer, so you get more bang for your buck (and your efforts!).


    Create a regimen (and stick to it!)


    There are some basic components to a skincare regimen, a combination of which will make up the routine you use to care for your skin. First, you should wash your face at night and in the morning. You can follow with a toner (for example, if your skin is oily), an exfoliant (think uneven texture), a serum (for wrinkles or other problems, or for brightening), and a moisturizer (this is a must-have!).


    What goes in those formulas and which products you pick is dependent on the information you’ve gathered about your skin, and your desired outcome. Visit BelleCôte Paris for ideas on regimens including men skincare regimen, that suit most skin types.


    The Takeaway


    Skincare isn’t just for women! Taking the time to care for your skin will reap benefits in the future - your skin will stay more supple, with fewer wrinkles and less environmental damage. Plus, you can cure common skin problems and discomforts with a tiny bit of self care. First, you should determine your skin type(s), using the indicators described above.


    Then, check which ingredients, products, and formulas are right for your type; feel free to mix and match to make a regimen that suits you!


    Next, buy what’s best for you to create a simple daily regimen that targets your needs - at the very least you’ll want a cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen, but there are tons of options that can target anything that needs some extra help, like fine lines and wrinkles or undereye bags.


    Last but really not least, skincare doesn’t work unless you do it! Use the products you selected, preferably every morning and night - one method to remember is stacking your habits; for example, wash and moisturize your skin every time you brush your teeth.




    BelleCôte Esthetician’s Advice: Most men have a normal to oily skin type, and men’s skin tends to be thicker than women's. Because many men shave and can experience irritation and ingrown hairs, we recommend an exfoliant. Our azeliac toner exfoliates the skin around ingrown hair and blemishes,  allowing hairs to be easily extracted.


    Suggested Daily Regimen for Men





    1. Marine Volcanic Mud Cleanser this is a must-have for men who work out!
    2. Azelaic Toner for ingrown hair after shaving and irritation.
    3. Vitamin C-3 Serum 
    4. Marine Moisture Gel non-greasy with a fresh smell. Men’s favorite!
    5. Double Sun Protection Cream with matte finish.

    If you skin have problems go to to see regiments and get more information and advice on products.

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