Benefits of Collagen Peptides in Skin Care Routine



Collagen and peptides are in everything today from serums to moisturizers - you can even buy them in digestible supplements. These proteins and amino acids are essential to anti-aging skincare, which keeps our skin from sagging and supports a firm, plump, youthful look.

Let us present the facts.


What is Collagen? 


Thirty percent of our body is made up of proteins, and ninety percent of that is collagen.  Collagen, a conective tissue, is a protein that glues skin tissues together and gives them structure, texture, and elasticity; it also strengthens your bones and muscles, including the ones in your face, making the skin appear more firm and supple.


Why Is Collagen Important to Our Skin?


As natural collagen production starts slowing around age 25-30, cell structures weaken. Skin becomes thinner, it sags and loses elasticity, and fine lines and wrinkles form. As we age, our body loses nearly 1% of its natural collagen every year.

Women experience a dramatic reduction in collagen synthesis after menopause; additionally, factors like smoking, poor diet, and excess sun exposure deplete the levels of collagen within the body. This means that we need to replenish this important protein.

Luckily for us, collagen is resorbable! This means it can be broken down, converted, and absorbed back into the skin. It can also be incorporated into skin care products.


Where is Collagen Sourced in Nature?  


There are two commonly known sources of collagen: marine collagen peptide and bovine (animal) collagen.


Marine collagen is the most effective form of the protein for skin. Marine Collagen is a  Type 1 collagen derived from wild-caught fish scales, skin & eggs (caviar), algae, and certain types of seaweed.  Marine collagen peptide is considered at least 1.5 times more bio-available and soluble than bovine collagen, largely because marine collagen has minuscule protein particles that can be easily absorbed, so it’s the most effective collagen for minimizing fine lines and wrinkles.


Bovine (animal) collagen is  Type 1 and Type 3 collagen sourced from cowhides. This animal collagen is more effective when it comes to improving joint health, whereas marine collagen is more effective when it comes to skin, nail, and hair health.

Plant Based Collagen or Vegan Collagen?


There is no such a thing as vegan collagen as this protein is absent in flora. These plant-based collagen supplements, or so-called “collagen builders / boosters,” contain ingredients like amino acids (glycine, lysine, and  proline), vitamins C and E, herbs, and other key nutrients that aid in collagen production and synthesis in the body. However, on their own they have no collagen. 


Difference Between Collagen and Collagen Peptides




When we’re talking about collagen in skin care products and cosmetics, we usually refer to collagen peptides, known as hydrolyzed collagen. As a molecule, collagen is quite large, making penetration through the skin’s surface difficult when applied topically in a collagen cream. Therefore, to enhance its bio-availability and absorption, it's broken down into short chain amino acid peptides, or collagen peptides, as a result of enzymatic hydrolysis.


Once they’re much smaller, peptides can penetrate the skin more easily, so even though both collagen and collagen peptides are made by the same amino acids, they have different properties. Collagen peptides are one of the main ingredients in cosmetic formulations because they moisturize and regenerate the skin.


The unique ability of the collagen peptides to bind with water molecules help the skin to maintain proper water content during the day. Aside from being a natural humectant, collagen’s film-forming properties reduce trans-epidermal water loss. Peptides also make up elastin and keratin, two proteins that are essential for skin and hair health.


Benefits of Collagen Peptides

The benefits of collagen peptides for skin include:


Protection From Sun Damage

Help protect cells from sun and pollutants. Promote youthful skin, helping to maintain glow and elasticity by restoring collagen and elastin protein fibers and enabling the outer layer of the skin to thicken, thereby reducing early signs of aging.


Reduction of Early Signs of Aging

Improve skin hydration by promoting the production of other proteins like elastin and fibrillin that give the skin structure. Reduce early signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots. They do this by replenishing the collagen levels in the body and by stimulating elastin protein fibers that keep the skin looking fresh and hydrated.


Promoting Hair Growth

Contain amino acids that help with the keratin production that promotes hair growth, strengthens hair follicles, and prevents hair damage and age-related hair loss. It also helps prevent brittle nails, reducing breakage and encouraging the development of strong nails.


Enhancing Joint Health

Furthermore, it enhances bone and joint health by reducing inflammation and stiffness and lowering bone loss caused by age-related collagen depletion. It also encourages faster recovery after sport, exercise, injury, and surgery.


How to prevent collagen loss?


  • Eat a nutritious diet with lean protein and limited sugar, plus add foods with proline (found in eggs, meat, cheese, soy, and cabbage), anthocyanins (dark berries), vitamins C and A, and copper (found in shellfish, nuts, red meat, and some drinking water).
  • Consider taking collagen supplements.
  • Exercise regularly, get more sleep, and reduce stress in your life.
  • Avoid excessive sun exposure, and use a sunscreen with marine sun filters like chlorella, spirulina, and collagen peptides - try our BelleCôte Mineral Double Sun Protection Cream!
  • Add vitamin C serum in the morning, like our Vitamin C-3 Serum. It triggers collagen formation and stabilizes the collagen proteins in skin, protecting it from UV damage.
  • Boost collagen levels with  hyaluronic acid - it’s an important compound for collagen in the skin, found in face creams, supplements, and foods rich in amino acids, such as beans, root vegetables, and soy.
  • Choose the right skincare with marine collagen peptides and elastin. Try our BelleCôte Anti-pollution skincare products, from marine collagen toner to our Marine Moisture Gel, and see the results for yourself!


BelleCôte Collagen Booster Regimen




  1. Cleanse with Marine Collagen Anti-Aging Cleanser
  2. Tone with Marine Collagen Anti-Aging Toner
  3. Wrinkle Erasing Serum with Lifting Effect
  4. Ultra Lifting Cream with Caviar Extract
  5. Double Sun Protection Cream, our sunscreen with mineral filters for UVA protection to prevent collagen from breaking down.
  6. Twice a week Collagen Tightening Mask.


We also recommend incorporating vitamin C serum, like our BelleCôte Vitamin C-3 Serum that is proven to boost collagen production. Marine collagen peptides work well in combination with ingredients like vitamin C and  hyaluronic acid.


Meet our “MUST HAVE” BelleCôte Collagen Boosters:


Wrinkle Erasing Serum with Lifting Effect



Our Wrinkle Erasing Serum is also known as the “Hydrating Healer”. Hyaluronic Complex in this serum hydrates, re-plumps the skin, and significantly increases the skin firmness while reducing wrinkles and lines; and Laminaria Extract brightens the skin and prevents dehydration.


Ultra Lifting Day Cream with Caviar Extract



This Ultra Lifting Day Cream by BelleCôte Paris combines powerful bio-active elements from Wild Yam Extract with other intense ingredients like Caviar Extract, Marine Peptides, and fatty acids. In a short time, it improves firmness, makes pores less visible, and fully restores moisture and radiance. Ideal for dry and mature skin and can work great under makeup!


Collagen Tightening Mask



This Marine Collagen Tightening mask formulated with sea minerals and peptides brings a new life to the epidermal layer reducing signs of aging and sagging. It refines pores and tightens skin immediately.


The Takeaway:


Collagen production slows as we age, so skincare products that replenish the vital protein are essential to more firm, youthful-looking skin. Naturally-sourced marine collagen peptide products, combined with a nutritious diet, exercise, preventative skincare, and supplements, is an effective way to reduce early signs of aging.

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