Day Light Moisturizer with Stem Cells




Scientifically advanced moisturizer combines the powers of Stem Cells blend, Bilberry Extract and Marine Collagen. Stem Cells have tremendous ability to rejuvenate aging skin and replace damaged cells. Bilberry Extract helps treat rosacea damaged skin with fragile capillaries and redness. In addition, its precious natural actives develop calming, anti-inflammatory effect and protect over-sensitive skin from environmental influences and premature aging.


With Marine Collagen and Elastin, Phyto Stem Cell Complex (Apple, Açai Berry, Grape), Elderberry Extract, Bilberry Extract, Marine Peptides, Hyaluronic Acid, Ceramid Complex, Arginine, Vitamin C+E complex, Jojoba Oil, Aloe Vera.

This light textured but concentrated cream contains Phyto Stem Cell complex that fights free radicals, dehydration and all signs of aging. Stem Cells have a tremendous ability to rejuvenate aging skin and replace damaged cells, regulating the activity and vitality of the epidermis. In addition, Bilberry Extract helps treat rosacea damaged skin, fragile capillaries and redness. As a highly effective day cream, it restores skin elasticity and promotes DNA protection and repair.  Deep Sea Algae Complex, natural oils and marine enzymes are integrated into this extraordinarily regenerating cream to achieve ultimate skin care success. Prevents premature aging. 

For all skin types, especially sensitive skin  



  • promotes DNA protection and repair
  • replaces sun damaged cells
  • provides long lasting hydration
  • reduces inflammation and redness
  • extraordinary calming effect
  • powerful antioxidant  
  • provides more youthful and radiant appearance


With light motion, apply in the morning over clean skin, Always stoke from the center of the face outwards.

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