Article in the American Spa Magazine about our BelleCôte Triple Collagen Treatment with Botoxal!

It is so exiting to be in the American Spa Magazine October 2016 issue! Our BelleCôte Triple Collagen with Botoxal Facial is becoming very popular among day spas and salons tantalizing spa treatments

Treasures from the Sea

Maximizing the benefits of marine­ based ingredients, the BelleCôte Facial ($125/50 minutes) at Vitality MediSpa 4U (Brooklyn, NY) is an innovative anti-aging treatment that gives spa-goers a Botox-like effect without the pain of injections. Relying on BelleCôte Paris products, the facial begins with a thorough cleansing using Marine Collagen Anti-Aging Cleanser, loaded with marine peptides. The skin is then exfoliated with Organic Seaweed Exfoliator, which contains mandelic acid to dissolve dead and damaged cells and laminaria extract to brighten the skin. After skin is steamed, the fermented Marine Collagen Anti-Aging Toner is applied followed by the Wrinkle Erasing Serum. A highlight of the treatment is an application of the Triple Collagen Treatment with Botoxal.

With the use of marine peptides and red and green algae, it helps smooth expression lines and wrinkles. The facial concludes with an application of Day Light Moisturizer or Ultra Lifting Day Cream, leaving skin looking plumped and rejuvenated. For BelleCôte Paris products:  - Heather Mikesell


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